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If you are having an emergency or need urgent after-hours assistance,
please go to an Emergency Room or call 911.


Serving areas of Prince William, Fairfax counties, Manassas, Alexandria,
Lorton, Stafford, Fredericksburg, and Spotsylvania, VA with home visits.

Virtual visits are available on short notice worldwide!

First visits are typically about two hours and includes history and assessment of mother and infant’s feeding, observation of feeding, providing plan for care, discussion of all of parents’ questions/concerns and much more. Resources and plan for follow-up are included. 


Discounts provided for Military and WIC clients.


I am working with The Lactation Network.
This organization helps moms and moms-to-be get the breastfeeding support
they deserve covered by their insurance, at no cost to you!

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Supporting BCBS/Anthem PPO, Cigna PPO, and some UHC plans. More are being added all the time - if you do not see your insurance listed above, we recommend filling out the form anyway - there is no obligation or cost to you if rejected. The Lactation Network guarantees every mother in-home or virtual visits with an IBCLC like me (subject to insurance approval). They handle all the paperwork and bill the insurance directly.
Regardless of your insurance carrier, visit The Lactation Network  to find out if you have coverage under your plan.

Self Pay: If your insurance company is not in network with The Lactation Network, I will give you a Superbill, which you can submit to your insurance company for partial or full reimbursement, depending on your plan. You will provide payment for services and payment is required at time of service. Credit cards, including FSA and HSA are accepted.

To learn and understand about women’s healthcare rights and the law, the National Women’s Law Center has a toolkit that explains the breastfeeding laws and coverage.
• Your privacy is very important and all texts, phone, photos, videos, and virtual visits are secure,
   completely confidential, and HIPPA compliant.
• Consent for care must be signed electronically before visit.
• All visits require a credit card to schedule a visit, unless approved through
   Lactation Network (see above).

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Lactation Services

I can help you with:
• Low milk supply
• Latching and positioning
• Pain
• Slow weight gain
• Over producing, plugged ducts, mastitis
• Getting a breastfed baby to take a bottle
• Getting a bottle-fed baby to take a breast

• Engorgement
• Oral assessment & education on tongue ties, etc.
• Pumping
• Learning infant needs, behavior, safety, and care
• Prenatal breastfeeding class (See Below!)
• Returning to work
• Much more, ask questions!

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Virtual Prenatal Lactation Classes

Be well informed, confident, and ready! Two thirds of breastfeeding mothers do not reach their own personal breastfeeding goals. Increase your opportunity for success by preparing yourself. The investment in learning beforehand will give you confidence, answer your questions, and help your partner know how to best help you.

We will schedule when best works for you & your partner for your private class. 

Cost of class is $125 for a 4-hour class, split into 2-hour sessions.

What you will learn in this class:
• Learn latching and holding/positioning your baby
• Getting started at delivery
• Establishing a good milk supply
• Early feedings in the first days
• How to know if your baby is getting enough milk
• How to know/handle when your milk is first coming in
• Preventing and solving common breastfeeding problems

• Pumping information
• The best online resources
• Knowledge of benefits
• When to get more help
• Returning to work
• Ways your partner can support you

If you have BCBS/Anthem PPO or Cigna PPO, the class will likely be covered at no out of pocket cost to you. Contact the The Lactation Network to check on your coverage. If you have other insurance coverage, payment can be made with HSA or FSA funds or credit/debit accepted and a bill provided to be submitted to your insurance company.


Contact Marcy at 703-423-0763 or for scheduling/questions.



Taking a Breastfeeding Class is recommended by:


Surgeon General

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

American Academy of Pediatrics

US Dept of Health and Human Services



Marcy came to see me in the hospital on day one of my baby’s life. Previously, I met with the hospital lactation consultant who simply didn’t have the time to help me. I wasn’t high risk and didn’t have “problems” but breastfeeding felt uncomfortable and I didn’t know how to position my baby correctly. 


Marcy was so patient, kind, and explained everything to me in a way that was so easy to understand. After she helped position my baby correctly, breastfeeding didn’t hurt. I 100% believe that without Marcy’s help, I wouldn’t have continued to breastfeed. She was available for in-person visits, texts, phone calls, and video chats and was completely non-judgemental as I was often in sweats and with a messy house. 


Later on, I consulted with her to help me increase my milk supply. Marcy didn’t push her agenda on me. Her goal was to help support me in making whatever choice was best for me and my baby. Thanks to Marcy’s help, I breastfed for over 18 months.


I can’t express how wonderful it was to be supported by Marcy on my breastfeeding journey. She is truly the best. 

Amy S

Former Client

I was SO grateful to have Marcy as my lactation consultant after my second daughter was born in April 2018. In addition to her expertise in helping with my baby’s latch, slow weight gain, and reflux problems, she has the kindest heart!


She always listened to my struggles of being a mom of a newborn plus toddler, she encouraged, and she truly cares about her clients and their wellbeing. She was also extremely accommodating to come to by home, text, or chat on the phone anytime I needed nursing help.


Marcy was a bright light during a challenging time for me as a mother and I highly recommend her!


Marla S 

Former Client

I had Marcy as a lactation consultant for my first child in 2017.


I felt SO uncomfortable with the idea of using this contraption called a breast pump and she made me feel very comfortable talking about it and getting used to it. I also had an oversupply and continuous struggles with discomfort of always feeling full, with clogged ducts, and latch issues associated with heavy flow.  I had to try several different methods to resolve the problems and she was very patient as we worked to find solutions.  


Marcy was a breath of fresh air each time she came to our home. She truly showed that she cared for my concerns and needs as a new mother and the health and well-being of my children.


Amy M

Former Client

Despite it being my third child, I still had a somewhat uncommon feeding experience. I reached out to Marcy and she was able to easily and immediately identify my presenting issue and help me navigate through feeding my child. I was concerned that I may feel pressure to give up nursing but she did an amazing job at empowering me to meet my goals.


I’m grateful for her concern, her support, and her willingness to answer all of my questions. All of this coming from a three time mom! Every baby is special in their own right and Marcy guided me through this very unique experience.


Amanda L

Former Client and Colleague

Lactation Class Reviews

I 100% recommend Marcy’s Prenatal Breastfeeding Class to any moms and partners looking to gain a solid foundation as a team in their infant feeding goals before baby arrives.


Marcy was an amazing guide for me and my husband. She helped us clarify our hopes, fears, and expectations around feeding our soon-to-be-born baby. From techniques to establish a good latch from the start, what on earth to do about milk supply, and how to help baby get the most out of each feeding...what she taught us helped my husband feel more empowered to love and support me as I choose to breastfeed, and helped me feel more at ease and confident that I really can do this! 



On top of that, getting this class covered by my insurance was a breeze! All I needed was my insurance number, filled out a quick form online, and the Lactation Network did the rest. 



How other couples go through this process without knowing this information beforehand is beyond me. We feel so ready, and know we can always consult her again for more help when our sweet baby arrives. I’ll definitely be working with Marcy again for all my breastfeeding needs.



- Carly & Neal S.

Home: Testimonials

Marcy Griffo, RN, IBCLC

Momma Head.jpg

Marcy is a Registered Nurse and IBCLC, a board certified lactation consultant, with extensive experience as a pediatric nurse and in maternal and child health. Marcy has 15+ years of experience working in a children’s hospital, and teaching childbirth, breastfeeding, new baby classes and most recently working with military families and new mothers for 11 years as a lactation consultant and RN doing home visits. Marcy is seasoned with experience and relevant in her knowledge and practice. 


Her passion for helping new mothers is unmatched. Marcy listens deeply to her clients as they share their unique breastfeeding experience and works with them to find solutions to meet their own goals. A client may face anxiety while entering into their new identity as a mother; she helps build her client’s skill and confidence. Marcy empowers mothers to see the amazing way their bodies are created for nurturing and nourishing as they are creating safe, hopeful, and love-filled relationships with their babies. She loves teaching and guiding new parents as they learn to fall in love with and know their babies. 


If not hanging out with her favorite babies, you might find Marcy in her garden or hiking with friends, her family, and her puppy, Calle. 

To Schedule a Consultation, Text Marcy at (703) 423-0763

or Email:

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Phone: (703) 423-0763

Fax: (703) 643-9697

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